Raspberry Jam: First Pi Jam

Do you have a WIP Pi project, or one you want to work on? Do you want to learn what a Pi is about? Or do you know what a Pi is, but wonder what can you do besides making an LED light up with a button, or make sounds with a buzzer?

Come join us at our first Raspberry Pi Jam kindly hosted by Science Gallery Dublin and it's FREE. Beginners will get an intro to using Raspberry Pis before joining the rest of the Intermediate groups. Intermediates will know what Raspberry Pi is and will be shown what else it can do! Hobbyists are welcome to bring projects they’re already working on or wish to start as well as connect and share their knowledge.

You can register for Raspberry Jam here.

Please note, this is an 18+ event.


This is a community event supported by Science Gallery Dublin.  If you have an idea for a small community event you would like to host, email events@dublin.sciencegallery.com for more information. 

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  • Where: Studio 1

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