Educator Get-Together

Do you work with young people aged 15-25 in education or training?

Do you:

- sometimes have great ideas for things to try with a group but no one to bounce them off?

- no time to mess around with ideas to see if they might work?

- have an idea for something cool that you need a collaborator for?

- need to have a good rant over a mince pie with fellow educators?

Welcome to Science Gallery Dublin’s Educator Get-Together, co-hosted with ISTA (Irish Science Teachers Association), an informal gathering of educators from any discipline or background with an interest in collaborating, and testing out innovative approaches to connecting the sciences and the arts.

We want to offer a space for messy making, ideas sharing, and conversations. Join us to try out some of the activities Science Gallery Dublin have been working with lately, including developing science capital with fun, engaging problem solving marble runs in the TinkeringEU project. We’ll share what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) for engaging young people on our education programmes and what we’re working on next. And if you have an idea you’d like to share, let us know! Email us at and let’s chat.

This is an informal gathering, please feel free to drop in at any time and please remember that Science Gallery Dublin is just as much about the arts as science, so this event is not just for science teachers. We want to promote transdisciplinary approaches to education by facilitating opportunities for collaboration between educators from all different disciplines, and from formal and non-formal education.

Supported by ISTA & WeDraw Project

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