Far from Home: Life as an LGBT Migrant in Ireland

The National LGBT Federation (NXF) conducted the largest ever consultation of the LGBT+ community in Ireland in 2016, the Burning Issues 2 study. One group of people was identified as needing more understanding and support as those who have migrated to Ireland – particularly those who came seeking asylum.

The LGBT Actions to Include Migrants project is a collaboration between the NXF and our LGBT community members who are migrants to create the first research study by, for and about LGBT people who have moved to Ireland. 

"Far from Home: Life as an LGBT Migrant in Ireland" has been co-authored by Dr. Chris Noone, Dr. Brian Keogh and Dr. Conor Buggy.

Please join us at 6pm for a panel discussion in the Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery to discuss the experiences of LGBT migrant folk in Ireland with a particular focus on Direct Provision.

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Gillian Wylie (TCD) and guests include Mariem Chattouh (a former resident of Direct Provision in Waterford), Evgeny Shtorn (currently living in Direct Provision in Galway), Collette O'Regan (works with LGBT Ireland & runs Identity support group), and Chris Noone,( co-author of Far from Home.)

Please feel free to come along at 5.30pm for the official launch of the report, "Far from Home: Life as an LGBT Migrant in Ireland" in the Deloitte Gallery space of the Gallery.

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