Masculinities Anonymous

Scott William Gallagher is a recovering man: he uses male pronouns, wears women's clothes, identifies as queer, common and faggy and as a result has been on the receiving end of violence, aggression and love from working class blokes since 1985. Masculinities Anonymous is a sort of self-help space for those of us with tricky relationships with maleness — a room with chairs, juice, biscuits, people listening, asking questions, critiquing, thinking about men and their actions, responsibilities and futures.

Welcome to a temporary, quasi-ritualized theraputic session that has absolutely nothing to do with a 12-step recovery programme. 

This isn’t a safe space.

Scottee is yet another award-winning artist who makes theatre, fine art and installation. Scottee is self taught, unqualified and mouthy. 

In 2010, as an emerging artist he won the title of Time Out Performer of the Year, since then he has been creating provocative work for audiences across UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and the US. Scottee is not easily definable — his work is brash, political and will often purposefully leave you a bit annoyed, overwhelmed but never impartial.


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