Memory, Autobiography, Intimacy

Autobiographical memories often generate immediate personal connections. Our understanding of intimacy can be measured before and after the act of recollection. When we share our stories, others see themselves in us. Feelings of warmth, closeness and connectedness are often enhanced after the event. The personal significance, quality and content of shared memories can affect changes in our limbic system and the parts of the brain responsible for emotion, memory and arousal become animated.

In this FOR PLAY workshop join artists Louise White and Sorcha Kenny to explore aspects of your life story. Learn how to reflect on the seemingly inconsequential and short-cut your way to the intimate. What comes alive for you when you analyze a trinket, a suit case, a piece of music, a map? How does that signify your own life-story and how does that connect you to others? This workshop will guide you through focused life-story exercises that cultivate simple and effective autobiographical story telling techniques through associative memory.


Louise White is a contemporary theatre-maker who makes work about real people, stories and events. She is also an educator and youth theatre facilitator. 

Sorcha Kenny is a multi media artist and broadcaster. Together they facilitate life-story workshops.

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