We don’t talk much about the sex lives of older adults. This silence can lead to misconceptions about our sexuality as we age, and a failure to consider older people’s needs for intimacy.

This panel discussion on the topics will be chaired by Professor Sabina Brennan, Chair of the Age Friendly Trinity Working Group, an anti-ageism activist and passionate advocate for older adults. Our panellists will be Ciaran McKenney, Manager of Active Citizenship and Lifelong Learning at Age & Opportunity; Joanna Orr, a research assistant who has published on Sexual activity in the over 50s population in Ireland; Professor Desmond O'Neill, a geriatrics specialist whose practice and research focus on ageing and neuroscience; and Tonie Walsh, gay activist and editor of the Gay Community News. Our panellists will share their thoughts on the topic, before opening the floor to the audience to share their own thoughts, perceptions, fears and experiences. The event is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. We look forward to a rich and meaningful conversation that will continue at a small reception after the event.

This event is supported by the Equality Fund at Trinity College Dublin and organised by Bianca Battilocchi and Muiriosa Guinan. 

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