'Out of a joint interest in entangled perceptual worlds, we have developed a mirrored drawing experiment geared toward exploring the boundary between self and other.'

Molly Aubry is the artist behind Coupled Gesture, an interactive artwork featured in our current INTIMACY exhibition. Coupled Gesture explores interconnection: the ability of our minds to connect at the neural level as well as through gesture and behaviour. The artwork challenges participants to draw ambidextrously and simultaneously while facing one another and looking at their partner’s paper. The drawing exercise reveals coupled gestures: individual tendencies permeated across partners to create emergent patterns of reciprocal influence.

Explore the ability of our minds to connect at the neural level through gesture, behavior, and drawing. Researcher Craig Nordham and visual artist Molly Aubry will lead a lecture, workshop, and discussion investigating these themes with the goal of cultivating awareness and intimacy. We will emphasize process over result. A background in art or neuroscience is not required; simply bring your playful spirit and an openness to interconnection!  

Participants will be encouraged to draw with both loved ones and strangers, cultivating interconnection and intimacy. They will have the opportunity to experience guiding—and being guided by—the movement of their partner.  Workshops will take place at 15.00 and 18.00.

This FOR PLAY workshop is suitable for visitors aged 15+

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