Empowering Eros

Eros can be defined as the life energy, an immense source of passion and creativity. How has the power of the erotic within women been historically suppressed and used as a tool for oppression?

Empowering Eros is a workshop based around activist and poet, Audre Lorde’s essay Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power. Led by Natasha Ruwona and Clara Hancock, this workshop will use discussion, drawing and performance as tools for exploring individual ideas of the erotic and how creativity and eros may be linked and expressed. The work produced will be compiled after the workshop into a zine format. This workshop is open to those who identify as as female/non-binary (specifically those identifying as BAME). Uses of the Erotic can be accessed in text format here and audio format here. Reading of the essay is encouraged prior to attending. Clara Hancock is a writer and Science Gallery mediator and Natasha Ruwona is an artist, curator and activist based in Edinburgh. Natasha's work focuses primarily on contemporary Black identity politics and intersectional feminism.

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