Intimacy and Presence

"As an artist, drawing is the most intimate expression of myself. I draw to communicate, cope and create joy in the world around me. It is primeval mode of communication, a sentient language.

I often spend months thinking, exploring, developing, refining and realising a single idea. My work conveys an emotional response to the society in which I am present. Both personal trauma and my career as a teacher have influenced who and what I highlight in my work."

Joe Caslin is an Irish street artist, art teacher and activist. Best known for his beautifully rendered pencil drawings, which manifest as towering pieces of street art, his highly accessible work engages directly with the social issues of modern Ireland on an unavoidable scale. In this workshop he will give an insight into his work.

This event is also happening on the same day at 3pm. Please note this FOR PLAY workshop is suitable for visitors aged 15+

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