HÜMR 14.02.19

Tired of tinder? Hümr is an in-person dating event—like speed dating, except it replaces cliche questions with laugh-inducing activities. 

When looking for love, many people say they want to meet someone with a good sense of humour. We may be right to put humour high on our list of desirable qualities; after all, what makes us laugh is a reflection of our deepest held beliefs. 

Artist Laura Allcorn has designed the Hümr quiz for participants to identify their humour style and what humour styles to look out for in a potential partner. For this special Valentines event, Laura will be joining us to help set up participants in Science Gallery through quizes, games and activities. Once you take the hümr quiz to identify your humour type, you’ll be paired with a potential mate to play some fun activities. If you share a laugh, you can decide if you want to go on another date. If you don't meet your match at least you'll leave with more than a handful of funny stories!

This FOR PLAY event is suitable for visitors aged 18+

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  • Where: Science Gallery
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  • This FOR PLAY event is suitable for visitors aged 18+

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