Healthcare & STEM Careers Forum

The WITS life science career forum will have key speakers and attendees from leading companies in Diagnostics, Industry, Pharma, Business and Healthcare. There will be talks on better understanding types of roles available to life science graduates and advice on how to move within the life science field.

We will have an open panel for questions and answers and experts on hand at the meet and greet session. The speakers will provide tangible and practical tips and advice from their experience in this field. There will be six speakers and Q&A panel at the end as well as time to network and meet professionals in the field.

The event will be particularly useful for School and University career guidance, 3rd level students, graduates of life sciences courses, people wanting to change within life science and people wanting to enter into this area maybe as a mature student.

If you are a WITS student members or a student in the final two years of your STEM degree, this event will help you in planning your career, If you are interested in developing your career in the healthcare field, this event is for you. It follows on from the Starting your STEM Career WITS website posts. Register now.


Susan Treacy – Owner, Tracey Healthcare Consulting

Dr Niamh Cosgrave, PhD – Director of Sales & Marketing, MedLab Pathology

Hazel Whelan - Pharma Manager at Recruitment Plus

Laura McGloin – Chemical Analyst, State Laboratory Ireland

Tina Coleman - Laboratory Manager, Beacon Hospital

Dr Siobhán Mulhern-Haughey, PhD - Scientific Knowledge Manager, Janssen

Visit the event page here. Agenda is here.


This is a community event supported by Science Gallery Dublin.  If you have an idea for a small community event you would like to host, email for more information.

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