Speakers and talks include:

Francesco Polito of the Dublin Nutrition meetup will be talking about Testing in Nutritional Therapy.
One great tool in functional medicine and nutritional therapy is represented by testing. In this talk you will understand the most common tests used in Nutrition, the reason why they can be helpful, which imbalances or diseases they may uncover. We will see the benefits of data and it's relation with health. Lastly, we will pull these tests together in a real-time exercise to understand how can we approach the patient given this information, symptoms, imbalances and dietary intake,'

Prof Alan Smeaton of DCU will be speaking on sleep tracking.
Of all the things we during our lives … working, looking at screens, socialising, learning, exercising or eating, sleep is the one activity we spend the greatest amount of our lives doing. Most of us will spend literally decades either sleeping or trying to get asleep. Good sleep improves our mental and physical wellbeing while poor sleep affects our mood, performance, and health. In this presentation, I will reveal some of the science of sleep, show how it can be measured using a range of QS devices and illustrate with lessons I’ve learned from monitoring my own sleep over more than 7 years.


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