What if training equipment for medical students across the globe could be low-cost and accessible? What if medical devices could be bespoke, tailored for your body? What if disaster relief agencies could quickly access affordable tools in a crisis situation?

Created in Trinity College Dublin, the Med3DP project responds to these challenges by designing and developing 3D printable medical devices that can be accessed all around the world for free. Each year a talented group of students work on this project through the Masters of Bioengineering programme.  In consultation with medical practitioners and disaster relief agencies, they brainstorm, prototype, and develop 3D printable medical devices. A ready project file can be downloaded from the Med3DP website and then 3D printed into a ready-to-use device in any location around the world. The goal is humanitarian healthcare - to increase the accessibility of low-cost medical devices, especially in the developing world.

On April 3rd from 1-2pm, Med3DP will host a drop-in session in Science Gallery Dublin’s OPENSHOP.

- Learn about the process of designing a 3D model of a medical device

- See the 3D printing process in action

- What does it do? See if you can figure out the uses of some of the Med3DP devices.

- Learn about the situations for which the Med3DP projects are being developed and used.

- Compare a 3D printed device with its traditional counterpart.

Do you have ideas for medical interventions which could be 3D printed? Med3DP is the featured OPEN LAB from April 2nd-7th. Drop by during the week and use the blackboards in OPENSHOP to share your suggestions for future projects!

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