The Intersection between Hip Hop Culture & Education presented by Jahi of PE 2.0

This interactive discovery, dialogue, demonstration and performance presents hip-hop as a world culture with life affirming principals. 

Experience an audio-visual rollercoaster as participants are invited to view hip-hop in a way that is engaging, artistic, scientific and culturally relevant. This event is aimed at educators, hip-hop enthusiasts, and for anyone who want to understand hip-hop as more than just commercial rap.


Hip-hop artist-educator Jahi was a successful solo artist in his own right before joining forces in 2007 with Chuck D, leader of the iconic hip-hop group, Public Enemy. Together they began the work of revisiting songs from Public Enemy’s repertoire, giving them fresh meaning in the context of current events and interracial dynamics, while also developing new songs over classic Public Enemy tracks “to bring new consciousness, culture and spirit” to hip-hop sound in the present times. The result is aptly named PE 2.0.

According to Jahi, “PE 2.0 reintroduces current generations to the idea that this has been going on for decades. I cover songs like ‘Louder Than A Bomb,’ ‘Riot Starter, What Side You On. But the message has a different context now. I think that you hear a sense of urgency in my work and seriousness. But there’s also a joy and peace.”

Watch PE 2.0 featuring Chuck D

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