DEEP VR Demo And Talk

Deep is a meditative VR game that you control by breathing. With a special DEEP controller, which is attached with a sensor around your waist, you navigate yourself weightlessly and intuitively through a magical underwater world. As you play, your breath increasingly coincides with the slow, almost hypnotic rhythm of the game. The relaxing effect of the game helps the user to cope with stress, anxiety and dejection. In doing so, yoga breathing techniques are taught.

Speaker: Dr Bryan Duggan:

Dr Bryan Duggan has been teaching courses on coding, game development and virtual reality in the Technological University Dublin (formally the Dublin Institute of Technology) for the past 18 years. His courses encourage students to learn, discover and express themselves through creative coding. Bryan also incorporates yoga and meditation into his teaching. He received a National Teaching Hero award in 2014. His VR projects have been exhibited at the Tribeca Film Festival, Re:publica in Dublin and Berlin, the Buddhism and Technology conference in Shanghai, Altered Conference in Berlin, the Cologne International Film Festival and the Ozora psytrance festival in Hungary among others. He also enjoys creating live interactive visuals for raves and festivals. 

Bryan will begin with a talk at 1pm and then the demo will run until 3pm!



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