OPENSHOP: The Shared Mind

How do we communicate without words? Can we use music a universal language? Is there any proof to show we are exchanging thoughts?

These questions will be explored in this interactive workshop featuring an observation of a creative art piece ‘The Shared Mind’. Let’s hack into the mind of the musicians and the listeners, shall we?

In the first part of the workshop, every participant will take part in guessing the messages delivered by a musician using her/his instrument. You will be able to choose a picture that suits a particular melody the best. In the end, we are going to compare everybody’s choices as well as the musicians’. This session will be led by a musician and facilitated by a mediator. No music or composition background is required.

In the second part of the workshop, we will all analytically watch a piece of audio-visual composition together led by Pheobe’s current research on acoustical communication from neuroscience’s perspectives. The piece is a paralleled animation of a musician’s and a listener’s brain activity. This will be followed by a short discussion about some phenomenal patterns and the science behind them. No more dry data or graphs. Science can be fun and engaging! This composition is based on the experimental project ‘The Shared Mind’ funded by Trinity's Creative Visual and Performing Art Award.

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  • Where: Science Gallery
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