Can we hack and repurpose fabrics into something we could use in day to day life? How many articles of clothing lie dormant in wardrobes and drawers in the average household? What might alternatives to fast fashion look like? What happens when we fuse textiles, upcycling, technology and activism?

We are looking to expand awareness of the production of high street and cheap clothing, and how we can reduce our consumption thereof. This workshop commences with a talkshop on the fast fashion industry, followed by a clothing swap station, and finish with a clothing re-hack/upcycling workshop. From getting new clothes in a more sustainable manner, making a bag out of that old pair of jeans, or artfully patching an old jacket using traditional Japanese mending techniques, or maybe make it shine with LEDs or spin with motors, this workshop will have something in store for everyone. Be prepared to change how you think about your clothes forever.

The WORKSHOP will be led by mediators Francesca Farag and Simon Benson.

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  • Where: Science Gallery
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