We're inviting Dr. Andrew Pringle into the gallery to showcase some of his labs' work within the School of Psychology and Trinity College Dublin Institute of Neuroscience.

Andrew is currently working on project led by Dr. Claire Gillan and funded by the Global Brain Health Institute to develop a smartphone app for conducting cognitive neuroscience research in brain health.

The app will contains gamified cognitive tests and questionnaires which individuals around the world will be able to download for free from the Google Play/iOS App store and play and complete on their phones. Data from potentially thousands of individuals interacting with the app will be sent from individual’s phones to the research team at Trinity College Dublin and analyzed to identify ‘digital’ markers of brain health.

Through people’s interactions with the app, the researchers aim to empower anyone with a smartphone to be a ‘citizen scientist’ who can contribute directly to advancing the science of brain health, which has important implications for improving our understanding and future treatments for Psychiatric (e.g., Depression) and Neurological disorders (e.g., Dementia).

We currently have some beta-versions of the gamified cognitive tests available to play and we’d love to get people’s feedback.

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