Ground Truth in Digital Dublin: Deep mapping in virtual reality

“Thousands of electronic eyes and ears continuously capture the city’s unfolding, interwoven narrative threads, and spin them out into cyberspace….In countless spatially and temporally displaced, inherently ambiguous fragments, Dublin electronically doubles itself”

Mitchell, W.J. 2002. ‘Electronic Doublin’. Volume Project

Join the Building City Dashboards (BCD) team from Maynooth University to explore the Dublin Docklands in search of the city’s hidden digital double.  Find out how you can capture data for yourself that can contribute to the production of a ‘Digital Twin’ of the city.                                

In this session, the BCD team will demonstrate a Virtual Reality application showing the ways in which different media captured during the practical activity can be used to create the Dockland’s own three dimensional double or Digital Twin. You’ll learn how to capture a range of urban data, including photoreal 3D models that can be generated from a collection of photos, taken with nothing more than a camera phone. The BCD team will then lead an expedition (on foot) into the Dublin Docklands where you’ll capture sound, still images and 360-degree videos. Back in Science Gallery Dublin, the BCD team will demonstrate a Virtual Reality application showing the ways in which different media captured during the practical activity can be used to create the Dockland’s own three dimensional double or Digital Twin. They’ll also give you some take-home info on how you can use this process in other settings. The session will wrap up with an open discussion on the uses and applications of publicly available data, and questions about data privacy and ethics                      

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own smartphones to the session and will be invited to voluntarily submit media captured during practical activity for use in a future BCD project exhibit and research paper.

What is a city dashboard?

Today, city systems and institutions produce huge volumes of data concerning all aspects of their operation, administration and conditions. City dashboards use data and visual analytics to communicate such information to citizens, city workers and businesses.

Building City Dashboards is a Science Foundation Ireland funded project which seeks to address how to build more extensive and effective city dashboards by improving data quality and standards, developing data modelling and simulation tools, designing interactive maps and graphics, and creating VR, AR and smartphone apps that better engage and address the needs of users.
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