A New Age of Activism

What role does art play in activism? Should artists and designers be responsible for advocating social, cultural and political issues? How can creativity be used as a vehicle for raising silenced voices and opinions to ultimately mobilise change?

From manifestos for action to large-scale depictions of influential figures that ignite change through creativity, A New Age of Activism will explore various modes, materials and mediums employed to effectively communicate burning topics expressed by our generation. By merging art and creativity with activism, we project these issues into public awareness but with shortening attention spans and over-saturated platforms, messages must stand out to be seen and heard.

Panelists: Sinéad O’Sullivan Designer and Founder of The Costume Directory, Lian Bell Designer and Campaign Director of Waking the Feminists, Illustrator and Street Artist Joe Caslin and a member of the Studio Such/Subset collective. 

Chair: Michael McDermott, Editor of Totally Dublin.

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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
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