What is it to create a media platform at a time when media organisations across the world are under threat from lack of revenue and authoritarian turns?

What is it to manifest an ‘underground’ when capital, in an instant, can transform it into a commodity to be consumed?

What actually is ‘online radio’ as a radio form? Is it radio?

Join dublin digital radio as our featured lab in OPEN SHOP, May 7 - 12.  ddr. will be in residency all week working on experimental software-based radio and sifting through the above questions and more, culminating in a talk by the team on Saturday May 11, 13.00-14.00.  

ddr. is a community led online radio station, run by a team of volunteers. Its modus operandi is to open up a space between individuals, to connect, and open potentials through collaboration, all through the prism of a shared love of electronic music. ddr. is an open platform, a virtual town hall for experimentation and radicalism, in a city closed to alternative spaces.

As part of the residency, ddr. will be connecting the dots between the digital and FM.

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