The New Sublime: Workshop

“Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated”


We are trying something new, and we want your help! Take part in a collaborative effort to transform the practical approaches to science communication. In a new experimental workshop, join us to create an original art piece expressing what might be needed for  effective future forms of Sci-comm. 

Explore how our visual narratives evolved over time and how the sublime has been used to investigate our most profound questions, and how this could change in the future. 

Public information and education is difficult, and should not be limited to one format or structure. All are welcome. In this space researchers, scientists and artists will come together and explore, discuss and experiment with ideas on challenging topics like climate changes and Artificial Intelligence. Show us how you think we should overcome these challenges through the creation of a communal work of art.

This is a PROBE event as part of European Researchers’ Night in collaboration between Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, the British Council, ARTificial Intelligence Lab, and QUEST (Quality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication).

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  • Where: Science Gallery
  • Price: FREE

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