The Idea Translation Lab will present an exhibition on the theme of Systems.

In a time of heightened global crisis, the systems that shape our world are becoming increasingly fragile. While ecosystems are being destroyed, political processes are being manipulated, economic structures exploited and local networks eroded, all exasperated by our increased dependency on technological and automated systems.  Yet how much do we really know of these systems? How are they all connected, and what are the infrastructures and networks upon which they are built? How do we find out? How can we navigate, probe, critique and challenge them?

If you are interested in hearing more about the many systems which form our contemporary networked society, please join us in the Science Gallery on Thursday the 28th of November, when students from the Idea Translation Lab will present an exhibition on the theme of ‘Systems’ in Studio one. This will be followed by a series of presentations in the Paccar theatre which will detail the academic research, conceptual processes and creative decisions taken by our students in developing their exhibited projects.

The Idea Translation Lab (ITL) elective is a unique transdisciplinary course offered by Trinity College’s Science Gallery. During the semester students have the opportunity to work outside their specialist subject area and research collaboratively at the boundaries of art, science, design and engineering, to develop original ideas, applying both design and entrepreneurial skills to produce projects with real world outcomes. ITL is designed to stimulate the development of entrepreneurial, creative and critical thinking skills through group projects, which may have impact along different axes: social, scientific, cultural and commercial, and in doing so, encourages students to reflect critically on the broader perspectives around the cultural, ethical and economic role of science in society.

Student exhibition, Studio One 17.00 – 18.00

Student presentations, Paccar Theatre 18.00- 20.00

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  • Where: Studio 1
  • Price: FREE

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