How is 3D printing revolutionising healthcare? What if medical devices could be tailored for each body? What if disaster relief agencies could download affordable medical equipment tools in a crisis situation?

Created in Trinity College Dublin, the Med3DP project responds to these challenges by designing and developing 3D printable medical devices that can be accessed all around the world for free. The goal is humanitarian healthcare - to increase the accessibility of low-cost medical devices, especially in the developing world. To this end, Med3DP is building a digital library of low-cost medical equipment available for download for unlimited humanitarian use. Med3DP currently hosts a wide range of projects with ready-to-print files, documentation and other helpful information.

Learn more about the process in this workshop including:

- Designing a 3D model of a medical device

- See the 3D printing process in action

- Guess what does it do? See if you can figure out the uses of some of the Med3DP devices.

- Learn about the situations for which the Med3DP projects are being developed and used

- Compare a 3D printed device with its traditional counterpart

Plastic has revolutionised industrial design. Medicine relies on plastic so heavily that even the most basic medical procedures would be unimaginable without it. 

Learn more about Med3DP here or view their Youtube, Instagram and Twitter profiles for further information. 



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