How can we as individuals be more mindful of our own plastic consumption? How many pollutants are absorbed by our own hair, skin and clothes and should we be moderating this on a regular basis?

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the process behind P@tch with artist, Janna Ahrndt. P@tch is a hand-embroidered sensor which allows the user to track their progress as an advocate for an ethical stance of their choice - like a Fitbit for your ethical performance, exhibiting now as part of PLASTIC.


Janna Ahrndt received her MFA in Electronic and Time Based Art from Purdue University and is currently a visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Art at Indiana University. Janna is part of a wave of new media artists rejecting the notion that craft and technology are directly opposed. Her work explores how deconstructing everyday technologies, or even making them for yourself can be used to question larger oppressive systems and create a space for participatory political action.

Janna has presented her research on the use of DIY electronics as a medium for participatory political art at ISEA 2019 in Gwangju South Korea and facilitated workshops for the P@tch project in collaboration with Science Gallery Melbourne and Science Gallery Dublin.

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