How long does it take a biodegradable plastic bag to completely break down and return to nature? Will bioplastic eventually replace our current single-use plastic, and how will it transform our landscape?

DESIGNED TO DEGRADE led by artist Michelle McBride, will demonstrate the ingredients and processes involved in making basic biodegradable plastic and the process of degradation that follows.

Although bioplastic is made out of renewable and biodegradable ingredients, in mass production, the growth, harvest, processing, manufacture, packaging, shipping and disposal are all still contributing factors in ecological damage. By learning about a material through making, the value in the process of production informs respect for its end product.

This drop-in workshop will run on rotation in small groups for the best experience. Participants will leave with their own piece of biodegradable plastic.

All equipment and materials will be supplied.


Through the use of everyday objects, Michelle McBride focuses on environmental and societal concerns. She seeks to understand the destructive nature of humanity and the long term effects of human behaviour. Michelle is a Fine Arts graduate from the National College of Art and Design.

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  • Where: Science Gallery
  • Price: FREE - DROP IN

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