The ORLANOÏDE Hackathon brings together researchers across robotics, computer engineering, and machine translation to employ their knowledge to the humanoid robot.

At this collaborative event researchers will add new hardware and programs to enable the robot to react to human presence, translate live speech to multiple languages and share interactions via live printing and tweeting.

The ORLANOÏDE resembles ORLAN and questions AI and new technologies that search to rebuild, reconstruct and reinvent the human body. This is a drop-in event in the Accenture Gallery - pop by & see the ORLANOÏDE in action!

ORLAN is a renowned French performance artist who works in the mediums of sculpture, photography and film, and is best known for her work with plastic surgery in the early to mid-1990s. Her performance work often uses scientific and medical techniques like surgery and biogenetics. 

The ADAPT Centre, funded by Science Foundation Ireland focuses on developing next-generation digital technologies that transform how people communicate by helping to analyse, personalise and deliver digital data more effectively for businesses and individuals. ADAPT researchers are based in four leading universities: Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology.

Date: 1-2 January 2020

Times: 12-5pm

Location: Accenture Gallery

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  • Where: Science Gallery
  • Price: FREE - DROP IN

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