Poetry is everywhere and everything - but is this really true? Explore the many ways in which contemporary poetry can move us beyond traditional forms to experience art and science at the EXPLORING POETRY workshop. 

If you are interested in learning about poetry and/or feel intrigued about its role in our society, then this is the place for you. It is designed for anyone who may feel a bit intimidated too, but don’t worry, this is normal! Together, we will navigate this sense of “I don’t get it” to arrive at our own experiences. We will explore poetry as activism, education and a starting point of debate.

Our journey through different forms of expression starts in this Exploring Poetry workshop. This workshop is being facilitated by Nika Levikov.

Nika Levikov is a creative writer and passionate about bridging gaps between art and science. She's attained masters degrees in Writing (University of Warwick) and Conservation Science (Imperial College London). She currently lives in Malta. Her work as an EU Project Officer at the University of Malta includes coordination of the SciCulture project, which aims to combine science, art and entrepreneurship in a hands-on, transdisciplinary way.

For more information contact Nika by email at nika.levikov@um.edu.mt

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