FAT Fingers?

Title of Study:Challenge Your Skills


The objectives of this project are to measure:

  • the accuracy of your movements and
  • the quality of your handwriting in basic motor tasks. This project will takeapproximately 20 minutes.


All visitors of FabLab over 18 years of age are invited to participate in this project.


There is no intended benefit for the participants from taking part in this project other than an educational discovery of the type of experimentations carried out in experimental psychology.


Participants could experience mild discomfort in the arm due to fatigue during the project; however, it is expected that familiarization phase and the rest periods between trials will reduce this to a minimum.


Your identity will remain confidential. Your name will not be published and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the project group.

All information gathered during the project will be stored in a secure place, which can only be accessed by the named researchers.


This project is covered by standard institutional indemnity insurance. Nothing in this document restricts or curtails your rights.

Voluntary Participation

If you decide to volunteer to participate in this project, you may withdraw at any time. If you decide not to participate, or if you withdraw, you will not be penalised and will not give up any benefits that you had before entering the study.

Stopping the project

You understand that the investigators may withdraw your participation in the project at any time without your consent.


This project has received full approval from the TCD ethics committee.

Further information: You can get more information or answers to your

questions about the project, your participation in the project, and your rights, from Dr.

Johann Issartel who can be emailed at johann.issartel@dcu.ie. If the project team learns of important new information that might affect your desire to remain in the project, you will be informed at once.


Names of researchers:

Dr. Johann Issartel

School of Health and Human Performance

Multisensory Motor Control Laboratory

Dublin City University

Dublin 9


Email: johann.issartel@dcu.ie


Dr. Laure Fernandez

UMR CNRS 7287 Institut des Sciences du Mouvement

Faculté des Sciences du Sport

Aix-Marseille Université

163 avenue de Luminy

13009 Marseille


Email: laure.fernandez@univ-amu.fr

FAT Fingers?

Are you heavy handed? Will your fingers flounder? And is fat at fault? Challenge your fine motor skills and fluency of your handwriting in this experiment investigating the correlation between speed and accuracy with age, gender and BMI.