Are you curious about artificial intelligence, the intersection of technology and biology, and the science of adventure and exploration? Let Science Gallery Dublin satisfy your curiosity and inspire you in a host of activities and events as part of this year’s Festival of Curiosity, culminating in our late event THROUGH THE ARTIFICIAL LOOKING GLASS.

Explore a forested world where the boundary between nature and technology blurs in ALSOS, an interactive sound installation created by the French duo Scenocosme. Experience hyper-illuminated flowers outfitted with light sensored pistils using your own smartphone. The sound emitted by the flowers reacts to the lights and movements of spectators. The hybridity of plant life and technology inspires a strange and beautiful landscape of sound that you can encounter in the studio spaces between July 18th-21st. 

Analyse societal ideals of perfection at THROUGH THE ARTIFICIAL LOOKING GLASS in collaboration with the Festival of Curiosity and dive into the DJ booth by creating your own mash ups with AI. This 18+ late is themed around Lucy McRae’s Biometric Mirror, one of the most-talked about pieces from PERFECTION. Biometric Mirror is a research-based Sci Fi installation that questions the accuracy and assumptions of facial recognition algorithms. Participants entering a futuristic Sci Fi beauty salon have their biometric data scanned revealing a ‘perfect’ version of their own faced, based on an algorithm by Dr Stephen Marquardt, a Hollywood plastic surgeon who hoped to define mathematical parameters of beauty and perfection. Scenoscosme’s interactive sound installation, ALSOS will immerse viewers in a cross-pollination between technology and nature. 

Huw James, a Welsh Scientist, Adventurer and Film Maker will be visiting the Paccar Theatre on July 20th and 21st to take visitors on a deep dive into ADVENTURE SCIENCE. Adventure Science is a non-profit organization that is all about exploring the outside world and understanding nature in a fun and physically challenging way. Huw’s family-friendly show will inspire those interested in becoming an explorer, and will inform audiences about how they can be better custodians of the natural world during their adventures.

Festival of Curiosity presents a cultural feast of science, art, design and technology. From Playful Days to Curious Nights they create, produce and curate unique, visual and interactive cultural experiences in Dublin that merge cutting-edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive and curious ways.

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