The Dublin Honey Project

Kieran Harnett and Gearóid Carvill of The Dublin Honey Project (IE)

The Dublin Honey Project is working with native Irish Black Bees to produce honey from each of the Dublin postcodes. They currently have six apiaries (bee yard where beehives are kept) spread across Dublin city and county, and work closely with educational institutions and companies to educate the people of Dublin about the need to conserve Ireland’s native bees.

Within the relatively small geographical area of Dublin, they have still managed to produce honeys with a variety of tastes and flavours, including heather, buckwheat, and apple and lime. This is because cities can offer a more diverse range of pollen for bees, as opposed to more rural areas where only one crop might be grown for miles around. The Dublin Honey Project also contend that cities can actually be ‘cleaner’ for bees in terms of chemicals in the environment, as cities tend not to extensively use dangerous pesticides in the same areas that pets and children frequent.

The Dublin Honey Project aims to use by-products from beekeeping, collecting the raw materials (pollen, wax and propolis) and developing a range of wax candles and pure beeswax cosmetics.


The Dublin Honey Project was founded in 2014 by commercial photographer Kieran Harnett and architect Gearóid Carvill and is based in Newmarket in Dublin 8. Kieran and Gearoid are united by shared beliefs in the importance of food provenance and supporting biodiversity in local food production.

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