Future Of Water


Call for proposals

Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition and series of workshops and events on the theme FUTURE OF WATER.

Call opens: Friday 17 June 2011

Call closes: Friday 15 July 2011

Exhibition duration: 20 October 2011 – 20 January 2012

Application form: http://www.sciencegallery.com/futureofwateropencall


Calling all armchair hydrologists, liquid artists, part-time diviners, fluid technologists and steamy scientists! This October Science Gallery asks ‘what is the future of water?’. This theme will form the basis for a major exhibition and series of events at the Science Gallery, to run from October 2011 till January 2012.

Water is a potentially all-encompassing theme – from the amazing physical properties of water, to its destructive and life-giving power in nature, and its role in both human development and conflict. It flows through us, as blood, sweat and tears. It is venerated, coveted, spoiled and fought over. It has as many meanings and functions as it has physical forms; we regularly encounter water as liquid, solid and vapour. Water can be soothing, an instrument of healing, accelerated through water cannon as a weapon, or used to cut rock and metal. One billion people lack access to it in its most valuable form, as clean drinking water. Clean water is running out – and around the world it is used as a weapon of power and a tool in political conflict.

What innovations might help us to acquire new sources of water, or help us to conserve it? What is our relationship to water? What will a water-scarce future look like? What creative ways are there of envisaging this? With Dublin facing likely water shortages in the coming decades, the exhibition could help audiences to inform and involve themselves in the complex global and local issues around water, and the choices this city is likely to face in the near future. How can the works on exhibition link the local to the global?

The exhibition will include existing and proposed innovations and inventions around water, artworks on the theme of water, and artifacts that reveal the different ways in which water is used and perceived of. The exhibition will extend beyond the gallery through workshops, events and off-site projects. Alongside artwork, designed objects and documentary artifacts, FUTURE OF WATER will include special live performances, innovative installations, unique physical and mental experiences, high-profile talks, discussions and debates, web-focused interactions, games and collaborative experience.

We invite proposals that look at the cultural and social aspects of water, at the relationship of first world to developing world, at narratives of the future, designed objects and systems for water, provocative inquiries into water as a commodity versus a common good, water as energy, ‘virtual water’, and water in the city. Proposals might play on the bodies of water in and around Dublin, as well as internationally, and may make use of the distinctive architecture of Science Gallery, for example its glass façade onto Pearse Street. For images of Science Gallery’s layout and architecture, please see http://www.sciencegallery.com/hire

Science Gallery welcomes proposals for both existing and new work from artists, designers, engineers, scientists and everyone in between, in any and all media. 

Submitted projects will be evaluated on criteria including: relevance to the theme (FUTURE OF WATER), science and technology interest, artistic interest, potential to engage a broad public with the exhibition theme, track record of the participants, costs, and ability to deliver the project.

Each project needs to delivered within a maximum budget of up to €7,000, however a higher budget may be made available in exceptional circumstances. Previously, many participating artists have secured financial support from local arts and government sources or other funding bodies. Science Gallery is happy to help with letters of support if needed. 

Please note that if you are proposing an event, performance, or workshop, it is Science Gallery's standard policy not to pay fees to event participants or organisers beyond travel and accommodation. Our budget for events is considerably smaller than that for exhibitions, therefore cost-effective events, or events with potential to cost-cover through ticket sales (or other income streams) are more likely to be accepted.  

We are also looking for digital proposals. If your idea is a web-based or mobile phone application, or can be reworked digitally, then let us know.

Submissions must be received no later than Friday 15 July 2011 to be considered for inclusion. Science Gallery will contact those selected for inclusion by 1 August 2011.

To submit your proposal and find more information please use the form on the FUTURE OF WATER website at http://www.sciencegallery.com/futureofwateropencall, or select 'APPLICATION FORM' from the menu at the left of this page.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail or a link to this page - http://www.sciencegallery.com/futureofwater - to other forums and individuals, and please contact us at ralph.borland@sciencegallery.com if you would like to suggest projects or people for the exhibition.

FUTURE OF WATER at Science Gallery is part of a larger 3-year international project, StudioLab, funded under the Framework 7 programme, with partners including Harvard University’s Idea Translation Lab, Media Lab Prado, Ars Electronica, the Royal College of Art, London and Le Laboratoire, Paris.