GAME Design LabJohn Healy

Have an idea for a computer game you would like to see become a reality? Our GAME design lab will take you through a series of steps to design a game in Scratch and Construct 2. Following our tutorials you will be equipped with the basic techniques to realise your own creations, which you can then upload onto our GAME lab PCs for other visitors to enjoy!

WE, the ResistanceHilary O’Shaughnessy [Make and Do], Ben Gaulon [Recyclism Hacklab] and Lourens Rozema [Embed Engineering]

This is a multiplayer game that takes place throughout the exhibition Using RFID technology. You need your wits and a certain amount of stealth to negotiate the various tasks and levels. And to keep you on your toes just when you think you’ve got the hang of it — the game will change again.

GREEN vs WHITERussellworks

At GAME, you’ll get to play with the design of the show. Swipe any of the lights and they will change colour from green to white or back again. If you’re marked as the Green team your task is to make the whole gallery space green. If you’re on the White Team then you MUST change the gallery to white. Sounds easy? Try getting your way when there are lots of visitors! Maybe you can team up and recruit some other bodies to your cause?


Take two Android tablets, two iPads, two couches and a heap of suggestions from the Science Gallery community and you have our Curated Game Lounge. This is the space where we feature a number of games that our curators and audience have recommended . If you know a great game that you want to share then drop us a line. Settle in with a coffee on the couch, kick back and enjoy the selection.