FRI 22.06.12 - SAT 08.09.12

A Journey looks into ways that people can build up a personal journey box using their own memories. Visitors can build up a scene by positioning interactive slides within a box, each of which represents an element of their city. 

Kimchi and Chips are interested in ways that people can store their memories inside of a box, and how they animate and add details to those objects. They use non-specific elements in their representation of scenes, so that the user has space to add their own imagination to the box. The user can build up a scene that represents their private journey by selecting and arranging slides in the box. Each slide has a unique identity that is communicated to the box by a set of teeth on the bottom of the slide. The box can then respond by painting light and animation onto the slides using a projector overhead. 

BIO: Kimchi and Chips are a digital media art and design studio based in Seoul, composed of Elliot Woods (UK) and Mimi Son (KR). They create and produce environments, installations and products that celebrate the unexpected and beautiful moments of the everyday. Working with new media, their goal is to create memorable and social experiences that are triggered by the artworks they create.