The Artvertiser



FRI 22.06.12 – SAT 08.09.12

The Artvertiser is a software platform for replacing billboard advertisements with artist’s work in real time. By collecting a tablet computer from Science Gallery, you can walk around the city and view these artworks in-situ. The Artvertiser works by teaching computers to ‘recognise’ individual advertisements so they can be easily replaced with alternative content, such as images and video. This creates a mobile art gallery, where existing commercial billboards and advertising spaces are overlayed with artistic content. In this way The Artvertiser creates potential for a new platform for public art by repurposing commercial advertising spaces. Simultaneously, it challenges who controls the surfaces of our city spaces and what gets written on them.

BIO: Julian Oliver is a New Zealander, critical engineer and artist based in Germany. His work has been shown internationally and he has been the recipient of several awards, ranging from technical excellence to artistic invention and interaction design. Damian Stewart is an artist working with technology, sound, light, and the spatial environment of the viewer. Originally from New Zealand, he lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Arturo Castro is currently based in Spain. Since 2004, he has worked on several projects, including Open Frameworks with Zachary Lieberman and Theodore Watson.

The Artvertiser