Paccar Theatre Technical Specs

Science Gallery's technical facilities are second to none, our versatile spaces can be utilised for nearly event, from a film screening to radio outside broadcast or live video broadcast on the web.

Paccar Theatre - Technician Assisted:


  • Midas Venice F32 mixing console
  • 4 x D&B E8 stereo configuration powered by D&B D12
  • 6 x Sennheiser EW300 series body pack radio mics
    • DPA 4066 headsets or
    • Sennheiser MKE-2 lavalier mics
  • 4 x Sennheiser EW345 Hand Held radio mics
  • 2 x Sennheiser Lectern gooseneck microphone
  • Catchbox Throwable microphone
  • 16 send / 4 return multicore running to stage
  • 6 x DBX 266XS Compressors, inserted across Lapel & Hand held groups, Webstream feed, lecturn mics
  • DBX 131 Graphic Equaliser inserted across Lapel group
  • Klark Teknic Square-One Graphic inserted across FOH


  • 4 x 1200W Fresnel open white stage wash
  • 4 x Miltech LED PARS for house lighting
  • 12ch manual lighing board


  • Panasonic 5k lumen laser projector - native resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Extron HDMI matrix switcher controlled by AMX touch screen
  • Comfort monitors in Lectern and onstage, stage monitor can show presenter view when used with house computers
  • VGA  & HDMI input with audio on Lectern
  • 2 x Mac Mini bootcamped with Windows 10 running Powerpoint, Keynote or QLab
  • Microcue Slide advance control
  • Panasonic Bluray Disc player - Multiregion DVD & Region B BD
  • Extron SSP7.1 Sound Decoder connected via Crown amplifiers to 
    • Tannoy V15 Left, Centre, Right behind screen
    • Tannoy S18 Subwoofer behind screen
    • Tannoy V8, Side Left, Side Right, Back Left & Back Right
  • Large Digital Clock
  • Digital countdown timer


  • Facility panels allowing connection of HD-SDI cameras & providing balanced audio out
  • 1 x Sony EX1-R camera
  • 1 x Canon XF105 camera
  • Windows 7 webstreaming PC
    • Dual HD-SDI input
    • HDMI input
    • Presentation PC & Mac screen inputs
    • Firewire audio input from sound board
    • Wirecast vision mixing software
    • Compatible with most CDNs
    • Titles & Overlays