• 10.02.17-21.05.17
  • TUE–FRI 12:00–20:00
  • SAT–SUN 12:00–18:00


ForReal Team (IL)


DoppelGänger is an exploration
 of a dynamic link between virtual and physical identities through the examination of human-robot kinetic interaction.

The digital world has expanded the borders of our identity, and has opened the vast world of multi- faceted interactions and the reality around us.

Visitors stand in front of DoppelGänger to create their
 own mirroring mini mob and start
 to explore their active dynamic facades. Each DoppelGänger manifests with a different behavioural pattern, and represents personality variations on kinetic behaviour,
 so while interacting with the group, the visitor will be able to explore the identities, abilities and limits
 of each one as an individual and the group as a whole.

This elaborate identity-fest creates a feedback loop in which human and robot, physical and virtual and preconditioned and spontaneous play together in chaotic harmony.


Saron Paz is an experience designer and head of the New Media Department at the Musrara School of Arts, Jerusalem. He is also head curator of Jerusalem Design Week, co-founder of the ForReal Team Studio and a master of freestyle sushi.

Zvika Markfeld is an über-maker; a senior lecturer in the New Media Department at the Musrara School of Arts, Jerusalem; a lecturer in the Design and Technology MA department at Bezalel Academy; co-founder of the ForReal Team Studio; and an expert at making stuffed zucchini with power tools.

Together, Saron and Zvika are ForReal Team, an experience design studio creating new and exciting platforms that connect the virtual and the actual. ForReal works on mastering a variety of cutting-edge technologies and moulding them into enticing concepts in order
to create tailor-made interactive experiences.