Bringing Health Home

Insight Centre for Data Analytics (IE), Resmed (AU) & (FR)
Various years

Bringing Health Home is a collection of products that allow monitoring of health and wellbeing in the home, moving diagnosis out of the clinic and into our homes.

Smart Mouth Guard by Insight
Worn overnight, this Smart Mouth Guard can be used to communicate a non-invasive diagnosis for, as an example, acid reflux disease, which normally requires endoscopy or barium swallow radiograph.

Smart Plasters by Insight
What appears to be a plaster is actually a microfluidics patch for real-time interstitial fluid and sweat analysis for a variety of applications including cystic fibrosis, diabetes and sports performance.

Smart Slippers by Insight
Sensors in slippers can provide information about asymmetry and other biomechanical measures that indicate stability, injury and fall likelihood as well as progress in post-surgery rehabilitation

S Plus by Resmed
The world’s first non-contact sleep system that helps improve sleep, monitors breathing and movement to provide sleep analysis and delivers personalised feedback to smartphones.

Mother & the Motion Cookies by
A family of smart versatile sensors which can monitor specific needs. For example, checking if someone’s granny has taken her medication or if she’s gotten up today. The sensor attaches to the pill bottle and the dressing gown and will activate a text alert when the bottle has dispensed a pill or when the dressing gown is being worn.

About the artist: 

Insight Centre for Data Analytics is an Irish Big Data research institute, with over 350 researchers. Their vision is to create a healthier, safer, more productive world by empowering a data-driven society to enable better decisions by individuals, communities, business and governments. Insight is a joint initiative between University College Dublin, the National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork, and Dublin City University. Insight was established in 2013 by Science Foundation Ireland.

ResMed, formed in Sydney in 1989, develops, manufactures and distributes medical equipment for treating, diagnosing, and managing sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders. Resmed also developed and manufactures the S Plus, a non medical device that analyses and improves non disordered sleep. was set up by Rafi Haladjian, a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer of the Internet of Things. operates a platform with the capacity to collect data in real time from any source, more specifically from smart objects.