Dust Matter(s)

Lucie Libotte (UK)
Sculpture, 2014

Domestic dust is commonly perceived to be dirty, intrusive and repulsive. We know it as fine, grey powder of tiny particles that collects on surfaces or is carried in the air. It is often associated with unkempt and neglected spaces.

Dust Matter(s) re-evaluates this ‘dirt’. It aims to convey the value of dust as an indicator of our environment, to show how it reflects our daily life, and to trace our journey through the world. Focusing on the individual’s private sphere as the research area, the artist has collected samples of dust from various homes in Dublin. She has observed and analysed the different components.

The value of these components is brought to life in sculptural forms. Using a ‘dust matter’ technique, the artist created a range of bespoke vessels — ceramic objects with an unusual coating. The sculptures display the different sampled environments and ultimately tell a story of their origin.

About the artist: 

Lucie Libotte is a designer who uses material as a starting point for wide-ranging explorations. She graduated with a B.A. in Textile Design from Central St Martins and began exploring how we interact with textiles and how this changes our perceptions and ideas of our surroundings. In the course of her M.A. in Textile Futures, she discovered the importance of the fundamental origins of materials. With her multidisciplinary set of skills, she thrives in design fields as varied as fashion, interior, installation and video. Lucie teaches at Central St Martins. She has worked as a freelance designer, collaborating and interning alongside designers and artists such as Latourdefrance and Kim Coleman for Franz Ferdinand, Bart Hess, Alexander McQueen, Peter Ibruegger, PomPom Factory, Iris Van Herpen, and Sophie Rowley for Studio Toogood.