Something to Write Home About

Anne Enright & Science Gallery, Dublin (IE)
Something to Write Home About

Write a postcard home! Send a message to an address, a person, a country, a state of mind, or a place that you call home. Your postcard can be personal or political, signed or anonymous, addressed or blank.

Mail it in our post-box or hang it on the line to form an enduring part of the exhibition.

Do you have something to write home about?

The wallpaper patterns featured on the postcards in Something to Write Home About have been chosen by Anne Enright, an author, Irish Laureate for Fiction and HOME\ SICK curator. They decorate the fictional homes of some of Anne’s characters. Making sense of the homes Anne’s characters occupy is central to her writing process.

About the artist: 

“Now, whenever I write a book, I paper the walls as I go. And then I paint over the paper with terracotta coloured paint in the late eighties, or with yellow ochre ragging in 1992. I do not always put this stuff down on the page, but I have to know how home felt for my characters, the patterns and shadows, the seams and loose boards. I need to know if the stain from the dripping bath tap was amber coloured or a kind of turquoise verdigris. For me, and for my characters, ‘home’ is not just about location, or the arrangement of rooms, it is not just about money (though it is also about money), it is about colour and pattern and a kind of joylfulness that comes from a good sixties orange lozenge intersecting with a swoosh of brown — maybe in a shag pile rug. Maybe in front of a two bar electric fire.“

Anne Enright (2015), excerpt from the HOME\SICK catalogue, available in our shop