What would we do if the age of perfection finally arrived and we were disappointed by the results? What if we came to miss the imperfections that previously brought colour and grit to our everyday existence and we suddenly felt an urgent need to recover them? How can we use creativity to encourage gratitude for seemingly imperfect objects?

Although aesthetic design is subjective, it contains certain characteristics that please the eye transforming these utilitarian pieces into celebrated art-forms, making them appear perfect. To coincide with PERFECTION, the Science Gallery Dublin team are collaborating with the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) to pitch the perfect brief to the next group of design cohorts on the ICAD Upstarts programme. 

Places on the programme are won by completing a challenging brief issued by ICAD each year. Once on the course, successful applicants are assigned a mentor, who will help to develop ideas and push the standards of new work, the way it’s developed and presented. Upstarts has been a catalyst for creativity in Ireland, helping to bring new ideas and concepts to fruition in association with leading studios and agencies.

The deadline for applications for the next Upstarts programme is August 17th, explore the design and advertising briefs on the ICAD website

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