IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Discover Programme, The NTR Foundation and the Health Research Board (HRB).

The artists involved would like to thank the following people:

An Olfactory Portrait of the Amazon Rainforest Catherine Sarah Young would like to thank LABVERDE Art Immersion Program in the Amazon and the INPA National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, Brazil for their support of this project.

Apocalyptic Posters Science Gallery Dublin would like to thank the New York Historical Society for permission to use Thomas Cole’s The Course of the Empire: Destruction, oil on canvas (1836).

CDS Mess Financial support for Bankster Games is provided in part by the Puffin Foundation.

GRB-Locator-Array Fiona McDonald would like to thank Parity Studios, UCD; the High Energy Astrophysics group at the School of Physics, UCD; Product Design at NCAD; U3D at UCD; Studio 13 at UCD; Ciaran Rogers, SIRIUS XT; The Laser Company, Dublin; Science Gallery Dublin; Science Foundation Ireland, CONNECT and AMBER.

Frameworks of Absence Brandon Ballengée would like to thank Burcu Oz, Elaine Angelopoulos and Marco Nocella at the Ronald Feldman Gallery, and extended thanks to Carey Clarke and Aurore Ballengée, also everyone at Alter Ego Art Projects in Belgium.

Future Miners Jenny Lee would like to thank Daniel Loader, product designer and Trevor Keel and Krishan Gopaul from the World Gold Council.

KeepaliveThis project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the State of Lower Saxony.

M-ArkByron Rich would like to thank Ian Thomas (ceramic capsule), Alex Derwick (animation), Chris Siano (containment module), and Allegheny College (support). He would also like to thank Jared Gerlach at CÚRAM,

Modern Fossils (Global Warming)Heartless Machine would like to thank New York Magazine for commissioning these pieces.

New SurvivalismParsons & Charlesworth would like to thank the Istanbul Foundation For Culture and the Arts (IKSV) who commissioned the work for the second Istanbul Design Biennial (2014).

The Antibiotic Resistance QuiltAnna Dumitriu would like to thank Kevin Cole; Nicola Fawcett; John Paul; James Price; Modernising Medical Microbiology; Sarah Goldberg and Roee Amit at Technion; MRG-Grammar; FEAT; BeyondSeq; the Wellcome Trust Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health at Brighton and Sussex Medical School; Robert Neely at the University of Birmingham; and Heather Macklyne for their support in the making of this work.

The Chinese “Dust Bowl”Benoit Aquin would like to thank Patrick Alleyn, the writer, who worked with him on the Chinese "Dust Bowl" project.

The end of 'The End Of History'Rodrigo Lebrun would like to extend special thanks to Noam Toran, Sally Skinner, Luke Sturgeon, Pete Hudson, Riccardo Lardi, Mary Morgan, Sarah Teasley, David Grover and Nina Power.

Xenophon: Almanac of TomorrowThe artists would like to thank the researchers and staff at CÚRAM for their participation in this project. CÚRAM is the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research in Medical Devices, based at NUI Galway.

Science Gallery Dublin would like to thank the following Science Foundation Ireland-supported research centres for their support of a number of commissioned artists involved in IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.

AMBERAMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research) is a Science Foundation Ireland funded centre that provides a partnership between leading researchers in materials science and industry. AMBER researchers work with materials that will transform everyday products of the future, from mobile phones to knee implants, batteries to beer bottles. AMBER is jointly hosted in Trinity College Dublin by CRANN and the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, in collaboration with University College Cork and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

ICRAGiCRAG, the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences, is Ireland’s national geoscience research centre, supported by Science Foundation Ireland, the European Regional Development Fund and industry partners.
Their mission is to transform geoscience research and education in Ireland, by driving discovery, delivering economic and societal benefits, and advancing public understanding of their science.

iCRAG’s multidisciplinary research transcends industry and academic boundaries to address key research challenges in the fields of energy security, raw materials supply, groundwater protection, and safeguarding the geomarine environment.

Comprising 150 researchers and seven research institutions across Ireland, and collaborating with more than sixty industry partners, their vision is to help unlock Ireland’s natural resources through developing improved technical knowledge and innovative techniques, which are embedded within the industry.

CONNECTCONNECT is the world-leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. CONNECT is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund.
It engages with over 35 companies including large multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. CONNECT brings together world-class expertise from ten Irish academic institutes to create a one-stop-shop for telecommunications research, development and innovation.

CÚRAMCÚRAM is a national research centre advancing research and development in the medical device sector. Supported by Science Foundation Ireland, CÚRAM enhances Ireland's standing as a major hub for the global medical devices industry. Based at NUI Galway, CÚRAM works with industry and clinical partners to radically improve health outcomes for chronically ill patients by enhancing and developing both traditional and new combinational medical devices from molecular design stage to implant manufacturing. Follow @curamdevices on Twitter and read more at

Science Gallery Dublin would also like to thank Chapters Bookstore, Gamers World, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) and the extended Science Gallery Dublin team and mediators for their work on all aspects of IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. They also appreciate the assistance of the following people in realising the exhibition:

Exhibition 3D DesignColm McNally

Exhibition 3D BuildShadow Creations Ltd

Joanna Crispell

For more details on the people behind the scenes, please visit