Flawlessness, desire, narcissism, saintliness, utopianism, idealism, grandiosity, beauty, class, validity, gender, order, symmetry, refinement, entitlement, achievement, cleanliness, stability, efficiency. The pursuit of perfection is tenuous, unattainable and unrealistic at times, and yet we strive and compete to acquire it for fear of being perceived as imperfect.

To coincide with PERFECTION, Science Gallery Dublin will host a combination of talks, panels and workshops focused on the human quest for perfection. IN PURSUIT OF... will delve deeper into the various ways in which humans strive for perfection. Whether it's the perfect grade, the picture-perfect selfie, the flawless result, or the ideal society, the pursuit of perfection is all-encompassing and affects nearly every aspect of our lives. We strive to attain perfection using any means possible. We genetically engineer our produce to look bigger, better and more beautiful. In the future, we might even utilise genetic engineering and artificial intelligence to make ourselves appear healthier, smarter or even more attractive. IN PURSUIT OF... will also explore the red flags associated with perfectionism spannng across body image and social media to academia and sport. What lengths will you go to pursue perfection and is perfection really about the end goal or the process of pursuing the goal in itself? Explore the programme here.

PERFECTION runs at Science Gallery Dublin from 21st June until 6th October 2019.

Find out more at dublin.sciencegallery.com/perfection and follow the conversation @SciGalleryDub #SGperfection.



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