Triangle, pear, spoon, hourglass, round, oval, diamond. The female figure has been poked, prodded, dissected and depicted in various shapes, sizes and forms but do these subjects provide a true portrayal of women?

IN PURSUIT OF THE PERFECT FORM will discuss depictions of women in art from classical and medieval times to present day, inspired by a number of artworks exhibiting in PERFECTION: Womanhours (Tyler Payne), Omnipresence (Orlan) and The sum of You (iWeigh). An expert panel of artists and researchers will interrogate the roots of these depictions and their modern-day manifestations on media and social platforms.

Panelists: TCD Researcher Angela Butler, Artist Jessie De Boe, Founder of Repealist Shubhangi Karmakar, Artist Isabel Nolan. 

PERFECTION originated at Science Gallery Melbourne which is part of The University of Melbourne.

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