• Exhibition

    From critical to creative, LIFELOGGING asks ‘where do we go from here’ and question whether we can record and analyse happiness, beauty and aesthetics the same way we record footsteps and heartbeats. This exhibition will explore novel methods for capturing data, for visualising, and for analysing the insights that new data affords us about ourselves and society.
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  • Labs

    Each week during LIFELOGGING, different researchers will join us in the gallery to carry out their current analysis. Topics range from the size of our digital footprints, the tracking of our emotions and how data can be used in relation to our neural activity. Drop by to chat to them about their work or book here for your place at one of their events.
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  • Curators Notes

    Linda Doyle_

    Director of CONNECT/CTVR, Professor of Engineering & the Arts Trinity College Dublin
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    Lynn Scarf_

    Director of Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin
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    Nicholas Felton

    Information designer. Facebook timeline designer. Co-creator of Reporter and Daytum apps.
  • Highlights

    Highlights from the opening of LIFELOGGING: DO YOU COUNT? at Science Gallery Dublin