• Alan Kwan (HK)

    Bad Trip

    Navigate the creator's memories, 2012


    Bad Trip is a virtual reality installation that enables people to navigate the creator's mind using a game controller. Since November 2011, every moment of my life has been documented by a video...
  • Alberto Frigo (IT/SE)

    Images of the artifacts used by the main hand

    Lifetime activities, 2003


    The work consists of an installation of photographic panels of the objects I have used with my right hand since the 24th of September 2003. Each panel represents a month, each line a day, and each...
  • Alex Rothera & James Krahe (US)

    Playful Self

    The anxiety of data, calmed with tea, 2015


    In the future, biometric data will only become more ubiquitous. Look at your phone: your heart is 93 bpm, your watch says you’ve walked 10,020 steps today, a total distance of 7.8 km, and burned 450...
  • Brian House (US)

    Quotidian Record

    Musical record from location data, 2012


    Quotidian Record is a limited edition vinyl recording that features a continuous year of my location tracking data. Each place I visited, from home to work, from a friend's apartment to a foreign...
  • Cathal Gurrin & DCU (IE)

    Colour of Life Wall

    Sensing the Colour of Life, 2006 - 2015


    What if we could see exactly what lights up our lives, and explore the colours that comprise our everyday experience? Wearable cameras can create a detailed visual archive of a person’s life,...
  • Daniel Palacios (ES)

    Whatever happened, Happened

    Audience and time, visualised by laser, 2010


    Exhibition spaces are live entities, not bare container spaces. The exhibition is an organism that grows inside it and expands through it, defining the paths of the circulatory system which we travel...
  • George Reynolds (IE)

    Medical Notebook

    Simple health record on paper, Ongoing since 2003


    A medical notebook can record details of personal health, like blood tests, blood pressure readings, medication changes, illnesses, symptoms, weight gains and losses, plus changes in diet, periods of...
  • Jennifer Lyn Morone (US)

    Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc + DOME

    Bold, thought-provoking, radical, disruptive, Ongoing since 2014


    As a protest to the exploitative nature of late capitalism, with increasing surveillance states and the growing data industry, I have become a humanoid/corporate hybrid as an attempt to establish the...
  • Karl Toomey (IE)

    Lifelogging Products of the Future

    Fictional and humourous lifelogging products, 2015


    For this exhibition I am presenting a collection of fictional products that take a playful (and sometimes silly) look at a possible future of lifelogging. Although each product is presented in a...
  • Nicholas Felton (US)

    Feltron Annual Report

    A personal annual report, 2005–2014


    Since 2005, Nicholas Felton has been using data visualisation techniques to express his year as a personal annual report. By capturing the minutiae of his activities each year, he is able to express...
  • Parsa Ghaffari & Kevin Koidl (IE)


    How Big is Your Digital Footprint?, 2015


    The BigFoot project seeks to answer the question 'How big is your digital footprint?' by illustrating, educating and ultimately increasing awareness in the usage of passive lifelogging...
  • proto/meta (GE)

    Data Identities

    Know your digital fingerprint, 2015


    Data Identities is dealing with new digital forms of personal identification as our identities shift more and more towards a hybrid state between physical and digital, and we start to digitise our...
  • Stephen Cartwright (US)

    Comparative Meshes

    Intersecting data sculpture, 2014


    Comparative Meshes is a sculpture that uses data to create intersecting landscapes. The piece consists of two three-dimensional graphs of data taken from every day of 2013. The blue surface...
  • Tim Clark (US)

    Atlas of the Habitual

    Personal narratives hidden in quantified data, 2010-2011


    Atlas of the Habitual hyper-digitises an individual’s life to question what, if any, value can be attributed to the generation of personal data. Through the production of categorised maps ranging...
  • Travis Hodges (GB)

    The Quantified Self

    Photographs of self trackers, ongoing since 2014


    The project is a photographic exploration of self tracking comprising of portraits, graphs and interviews with dedicated self trackers. The Quantified Self is the process of self knowledge through...
  • Yosuke Ushigome (UK/JP)

    Professional Sharing

    Life in a Perfect Sharing Economy, 2014


    Professional Sharing aims to encourage audiences to look at the true nature of a ‘sharing economy’ and discuss the possible future of this hype. At the centre of the project is a ‘Professional Sharer...