CLEAN & CLINICAL explores microbial sensing and potential tumour detection on a nanoscale, self cleaning and air detoxifying solutions such as superhydrophilic titanium dioxide, silver nanoparticles in wound management and medical imaging using quantum dots.


Field of Jeans [2011]

Helen Storey, Catalytic Clothing, UK. []
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Nanoscopic crystal semiconductors [of cadmium telluride or cadmium selenide] whose electronic and optical properties are related to the size, shape and composition of the individual crystal and fluoresce under UV light. Potential applications include in synthetic photosynthetic systems, transistors, solar cells, LEDs, diode lasers, medical imaging and quantum computing.


A revolutionary biosensor based on engineered gold nanoparticles [the diameter of one is about 20 billionths of a metre], nanogold can be used to label proteins for tumour detection and diagnosis.


Microbial sensors with selective coatings [eg. immunoglobulins] for targeted immobilisation of microbes determined by changes in vibration frequency, and which can determine the level of microbial activity in a drop of blood—invaluable for potential application in emergency and bedside testing for bacterial or viral infection.


Triangular, hexagonal or disc-shaped nanoparticles with unique size-dependent optical, electrical, magnetic and anti-microbial properties. They form highly conductive wires and coatings for applications such as transparent electrodes, photovoltaic cells and wound management.


Photocatalytic and low lux light solutions that can be coated onto many surfaces such as glass or hospital theatre walls to help them self-clean or purify the air around them.


Nanogold Demonstration

Éilis McGrath, CRANN, TCD, Ireland.

Silicon Cantilever

Martin Hegner, CRANN, TCD, Ireland.

Silver Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots Display

Louise Bradley, John Kelly, Astrid Wachauer, Valerie Anne Gerard , CRANN, TCD, Ireland.

“I was fascinated by the power of air-purifying materials, which immediately summoned the image of a superhero fighting against fearsome toxic monsters. In my mind, Aero was an enviromental campaigner who gained powers to help fight his cause.“ Stephen Byrne