Memory - Have I Seen You Before?


think you have a good memory?
Are you brave enough to put it to the test at Science Gallery's MEMORY LAB this March?

MEMORY LAB, a month-long LAB IN THE GALLERY experience at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, invites the public to take part in a range of real, scientific experiments into how we remember or why we forget.


Eight separate experiments will investigate a range of aspects of functional memory from how good your short-term memory is to how and why we evolved memory in the first place. Be prepared for a barrage of information you will have to recall including numbers, letters, faces and even smells! We're also inviting people to come and record their earliest ever memory as MEMORY LAB seeks to amass the largest database of earliest memories in the world.

Please note that the MEMORY LAB will be CLOSED on St Patrick's Day, but we're open from 12pm on Friday 18th March. Also please note that if you are aged between 15-18 years old you can participate in the research, but we can only collect data from participants over 18. At busy times we ask for your patience as we may need to prioritise data collection - ask a mediator for alternative activities!

The experimentation continues until April 8th 2011. MEMORY LAB will also contain a rich events programme to allow you explore memory deeper – including a talk by former US Memory Champion and author of “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything” Joshua Foer. Events also include special recruitment event on how to make yourself memorable and Science Gallery’s first ever table quiz where you can put your ability to recall to the test.

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