Google gift of €1 million to develop Global Science Gallery Network

It is with great excitement and appreciation today that we announce a gift of €1m from Google.org to support the development of a Global Science Gallery Network. The gift is part of over $100M in total charitable giving from Google in 2011.

Since opening in Dublin in February 2008, we have welcomed over 800,000 visitors to 18 multidisciplinary exhibitions, ranging in theme from contagion to the future of fashion.  GSGN will be modelled on this successful approach to engaging young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Dr. Michael John Gorman, Founding Director of Trinity’s Science Gallery said: “By offering this transformational support, Google is helping to take Science Gallery to the next level and allow it to scale its impact internationally.”

“Our vision is to share Science Gallery’s unique approach to public engagement at the interface of science and art .  We’re planning eight Science Gallery hubs around the world by 2020, developed in partnership with leading universities in key cities such as London and Moscow. In each city, we tap into a vibrant local creative community of researchers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs to engage and inspire the next generation of innovators,” said Dr. Gorman.

David Martin (Director, Geo Operations at Google) with Michael John Gorman (Director, Science Gallery)

David Martin, Director, Geo Operations, Google said: “It is fantastic to be able to point to Science Gallery as a very vivid and engaging example of the innovative spirit that we often talk of as critical to Ireland’s future.. Having seen the success of Science Gallery in Dublin, we recognise the potential for other cities and we are very pleased to support the work of the Gallery with this gift.”

“Google has been a visionary and dynamic supporter of Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, from the outset and this very generous gift is further testament to their commitment to supporting initiatives which will help us to inspire and engage more people across the globe with science and technology,” added Dr. Gorman.

GSGN will be officially launched in July 2012, during Dublin’s tenure as European City of Science.

Check out the other organisations that Google.org have gifted this morning at http://www.google.com/landing/givesback/2011/ and find out more about our 2012 programme here.


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