Future Breath will open to the public at Science Gallery Dublin, Wednesday 12th  from 6.30 pm – 8 pm. 

Entry is free.

Future Breath will be launched by Ann Mulrooney, Director Science Gallery Dublin. Followed by a short talk by Jenny McElwain, Professor of Botany (1711,) School of Natural Sciences.

inhale + exhale
The trees are murmuring to one another
Oregon Maple trees, Trinity College Dublin Image: Siobhan McDonald 2018

For this project McDonald brings together the stories of two recently felled Oregon Maple (sister,) trees that hold memories of significant events and histories at the heart of Trinity College Dublin. The installation at the Science Gallery Dublin suggests a journey through the grounds of Trinity like a section through its anatomy: Mouth (front gates,) heart (bell-tower) and lungs (Oregon Maples.)

“Future Breath is a multi-part slide installation that weaves together narratives of studies in human breath, medicine and plant remedies from Trinity’s archives, and the idea of coexistence in a world moved by invisible networks. The installation also comprises a series of paintings that seeks to capture the innate environment-sensing capacity of plants. The paintings represent an alternative archive of new knowledge made by the toxic pollutants that permeate our city.”

Siobhan McDonald said: “Future Breath uses the architecture of Trinity College as a point of departure that connects the breathing pores and DNA of plants to the body that is Trinity College. The trees represent the lungs of the body as the roots that remain in front square reach into the present.”

This initial viewing at The Science Gallery is a presentation of work-in-progress to conclude Siobhan McDonald’s research and development as part of Trinity Creative Challenge. Future Breath will be further developed for exhibition at Limerick City Gallery, January 2019; The Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, ‘The People and plants’ April 2019 and SciArt Exhibition, The European Commission, Milan, June 2019.

For more information about the artist, see: http://www.siobhanmcdonald.com

Thomas Deane, Press Officer for the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Trinity College Dublin, at deaneth@tcd.ie or Tel: 01-896-4685

Exhibition opens 6.30 pm on Wednesday 12 December and continues until 15th December at 5 pm.

Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 12 pm to 6 pm.

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